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12 November 2007 @ 08:27 pm
I made a Hwang wallpaper if anyone wants to add it to there collection or use it
I know this comm is dead, but if anyone cares yeah....

And If anyone knows were I can get a bundle of Hwang photos can you inform me please :]
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22 August 2007 @ 09:07 pm
This is your only mod speaking. Since sneakerbird the creator suddenly decided to delete her lj and leave I have been thinking of what to do. I decided to close this comm. This community was made by sneakerbird so I see it as hers, it doesn't feel right to continue. But, when these wonderful boys debute and their name is revealed then I shall make a new official comm and run it! The only purpose this comm will have is so that I can inform you guys when I have made the new comm and I hope you guys will join then!!

Thank you so much and hopefully we will meet soon again but on a different community!
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16 August 2007 @ 12:21 pm
Time for some Lee Joonho peepz.

image heavyCollapse )
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13 August 2007 @ 12:35 pm
어서오세요! Welcome to the official Livejournal community for the 12-member Korean boyband from JYP Entertainment!

↘ You are free to post anything about the group here, including pictures, recent news, video clips, fanart, fanfics, music videos, lives, icons, etc.

↘ Rules:
- Don't post anything unrelated to the group.
- Use a cut when posting large pictures, videos, etc.
- No bashing; please be considerate of others.
- Advertising is allowed, but it has to be somewhat related to the group.
- Graphics are allowed, but no hotlinking (unless the user says otherwise).

★ Currently the group does not have an official name. They've going by "JYP's 12-member boyband" for now. (Or they do have a name and I'm just stupid... I've been wondering if it's possible that they don't have a name only a few months before their debut... :x Anyway.)

★ When word of them came out people weren't sure if the group would have 11, 12, or 13 members. The group will have 12 members. 11 of them have been confirmed. One member is unknown.

★ One very, very important thing: I know there has been (and will be) a lot of bad talk about them going around... about 'copying Super Junior', 'why in the world are they making another huge group?', 'they'll probably break up soon', etc. Please, [i]please[/i] don't talk about anything like this at this community. Also, it would be great if you didn't listen to anyone saying such things. It's not really the boys' fault that they've been put together in such a large group. I'm not really sure what JYP has in mind exactly, about this 'Super Junior' issue, but the boys really do need a lot of love.
(Especially Kim Junsu, since he has the same name as Xiah Junsu from Kpop group "동방신기/TVXQ/DBSK". He might be pretty stressed out about people commenting on this.)
So yeah, please give them as much love as you can. They need it. <3

★ Their debut is rumoured to be on August or September of this year.

★ The confirmed members:

Under hereCollapse )


↑라온제나;RAONJENA forums, 1st & official international forum dedicated to JYP's 12-member group.